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Blacktop Paving in East Orange, New Jersey


Blacktop Paving done properly could mean the difference between a driveway or parking space that will last only for a few years or one that could last for decades. Whether repairing or installing a brand new blacktop driveway, we know that we have to get the job done right the first time.


We know the process. We have installed countless asphalt and blacktop driveways. Blacktop Paving can help you. Call us today.

How To Install Blacktop Paving Properly

It is imperative to call a professional paving company near you when thinking of doing asphalt paving, asphalt seal coating, or when pouring asphalt over concrete. All of our paving experts and personnel are trained to assess projects and to install brand new asphalt paving correctly. 

  • Proper sub-grade preparation

This first step is extremely important to ensure a driveway or parking lot that will last a lifetime. That is why our driveway paving team ensures the proper sub-grade preparation is done. Superior sub-grade preparation will have the best outcome.

  • Drainage planning

Another essential aspect we focus on during the preparation stage is drainage planning. We will avoid flooding or the water running or sitting on the asphalt that could cause asphalt failure or premature deterioration.

    • Removal of rocks and gravel

    Prior to paving the driveway, our team will eliminate materials like gravel and rocks that could move and break the asphalt. 


    • Replacement of any unstable material

    Soft clay, topsoil, and sand are some of the unstable materials that should be removed and replaced before installing a blacktop driveway. Recycled concrete and limestone are some of the strong base materials we used to help stabilize and make the driveway more durable.

    Is It Cheaper To Blacktop Or Concrete Driveway

    When choosing a pavement for the driveway, it is natural to consider factors such as paving costs or what is more expensive between asphalt or concrete. An asphalt driveway in East Orange New, Jersey typically costs less than concrete, however varying finishes or details like geotextile additions, excavation and clearing, topcoat, and asphalt sealing, could increase its price tag.

    Asphalt Driveway vs. Concrete Driveway


    Comparing the characteristics of an asphalt driveway and a concrete driveway would help before deciding what investment to choose. 


    • Unlike concrete, asphalt is so much softer, which means it could deteriorate faster. But asphalt driveway is easy to maintain and repair which makes it less expensive in the long run.
    • Concrete lasts up to 50 years, however, it is less flexible than asphalt and could easily crack in freezing temperature. Concrete repair is also harder and costlier compared to asphalt repair.
    • Resurfacing and resealing for either asphalt driveway or concrete driveway is at least every three years.


    Both concrete and asphalt offer the same traffic-carrying ability. A concrete driveway is durable and ideal for communities that have heavy traffic or for homeowners that have bustling life. An asphalt driveway is a cost-efficient option that performs just the same. It offers a clean and sleek finish and is perfect for a driveway or parking use.


    Still confused about which investment to take? Give Blacktop New Jersey a call. We can provide more details about blacktopping a driveway and provide information on the services we offer as a paving company in East Orange, New Jersey.

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    Durable and Smooth Pavement East Orange

    Blacktop Paving follows a process that produces a high-quality paving substance that is created from a mixture of premium stone and sand. We provide hot mixed asphalt for parking lots, sidewalks, roadways, driveways, and more that is not only great to look at but durable too. 


    Let our team of professional paving contractors help you leave the right impression. We guarantee a clean and crisp finish that will provide more parking space or ensure a safe traffic flow. 

    What Blacktop Paving Can Do For You

    We have seen the best and worst driveways. Clients from all over the East Orange, New Jersey area who have contacted us send us details about their poorly done driveways. Some of these driveways only lasted for less than a year. 


    Many homeowners and business owners have lost thousands of dollars because of the substandard blacktop paving job. We does not want you to waste your hard-earned money on poor paving service. 


    Need a paving contractor?


    Blacktop Paving is the premier choice in New Jersey for small or big grading and paving projects. Our asphalt paving team knows all about asphalt and has years of experience. All of our personnel and experts are adept at all areas concerning paving. 


    You can trust Blacktop Paving for your next asphalt installation or repair project.


    Talk with one of our experts today to get more services details or to get an estimate of costs to pave a driveway.

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