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When seal coating is not enough to fix your driveway, call Blacktop NJ. We offer superior asphalt maintenance and repair including asphalt patching, asphalt paving, and driveway expansion among others.


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Frequently Asked Question About Asphalt Repair And Maintenance

  • What is blacktop driveway?

As a blacktop paving company in East Orange, NJ, we often receive questions like what is blacktop and is it different from asphalt. Blacktop driveway and asphalt driveway are terms used interchangeably since both use the same materials and are installed the same way. The difference between these terms lies in how the ingredients are combined.

Blacktop driveway uses a mixture of natural crushed stone that is heated at 300 degrees or higher. Asphalt driveways utilize the same materials and are heated at 250 degrees temperature. We can use both for parking lots, driveways, roadways, and more. Blacktop NJ is capable of maintaining and repairing these types of driveway.

  • Can blacktop be repaired?

Yes, blacktop and asphalt cracks and potholes are fixed using various asphalt repair methods. Blacktop NJ offers commercial and residential services for maintaining or repairing asphalt driveways, asphalt over concrete, and other driveway paving.


If you need blacktop repair in East Orange, we can do the job. Our services apply to sidewalks, driveways, parking spaces, and roadways. We provide customers in East Orange with various repair and maintenance services including asphalt resurfacing, blacktop paving, brand new driveway paving, asphalt patching, asphalt seal coating, and complete driveway rip-outs. 


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  • How often should the blacktop be sealed?

The seal coating for asphalt driveways or blacktop driveways lasts up to at least three years. Hence, resealing should be done once every three to five years to protect the asphalt surface from getting cracks or oil damage. If your pavement is in terrible condition, asphalt seal coating may be necessary annually. 

  • Can blacktop be put over concrete?

Yes, it is safe to pour asphalt over concrete. This method is used in many roadways to allow excellent compaction of asphalt and make it more durable. When laying asphalt over concrete, our team follows specific steps to ensure the best results.


  • First, we will create a uniform, thick base.
  • Second, we clean the concrete and prepare it for the asphalt overlay. This is important to bond the two materials.
  • Third, we install paving fabric and use the right adhesive and hot mix of asphalt.


Blacktopping a driveway or putting asphalt over concrete is not a simple task. This needs to be handled by a professional paving company near you.


  • Which is cheaper blacktop or concrete?

The costs to pave the driveway varies per project and type of materials. Asphalt or blacktop driveway is the cost-effective choice if you do not want to encounter costly maintenance and repair.


We take pride in all asphalt repair projects we handle, whether large or small or for commercial or residential customers. If you need to maintain or repair your driveway, Blacktop NJ has the equipment to meet your paving needs.

Effective East Orange Seal Coating Service 


Blacktop or asphalt comprises a flexible material. Cracks and holes could develop on the asphalt surface because of continuous strain and asphalt movement. Filling the cracks with a proper asphalt sealer is essential to avoid water getting through the surface and creating more damage.


Asphalt seal coating is an important process when doing pavement maintenance. We begin our asphalt seal coating by applying treatment over the asphalt surface. This would prolong the lifespan of the asphalt driveway. Our paving contractors know exactly what and how to add a protective barrier over the blacktop surface to prevent it from deteriorating.


Seal coating is a process that protects the asphalt surface from UV rays, moisture, oil, and other chemicals that damages the asphalt. The asphalt crack filler we use for our regular maintenance and asphalt seal coating service will significantly extend the usage of the driveway.

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East Orange Asphalt Patching Service


Fixing asphalt cracks and potholes is a common need for commercial and residential properties in East Orange, NJ. Severe asphalt deterioration requires an immediate repair, but if asphalt replacement is unnecessary, we can do asphalt patching which is a cost-effective asphalt repair solution. There are various asphalt damages we can fix including potholes, rutting, and cracking. 


The weight of the cars and changing climate cause asphalt failure and potholes. Blacktop NJ can perform effective asphalt patching to repair the damaged area. We can handle all minor or major asphalt repair and patching customer needs. 

Resurfacing Service in East Orange, NJ

Blacktop driveways wear down. There will come a time when minor repairs and patching would not be enough anymore. Our asphalt resurfacing service will correct any damage not just temporarily.


If you notice damage like cracks and holes on your driveway, call us. Blacktop NJ is a trusted asphalt paving contractor operating in the East Orange area. We can do professional asphalt resurfacing to remove and replaced the damaged asphalt surface.

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Working on a pavement repair project? Blacktop NJ is a reliable paving company you can afford for. As a paver company, we can tackle asphalt paving, asphalt sealing, blacktopping a driveway, asphalt for roads, and more.


Blacktop NJ is a trusted name in all East Orange. We know all about asphalt repair and can guarantee top-notch work. Call us now!

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