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Blacktop New Jersey is a provider of residential and commercial asphalt paving services in the East Orange, New Jersey area. We offer the best paving for parking lots and driveways. If you want to work with a prompt and professional paving company, we have an experienced crew who knows all about asphalt repair, blacktop paving, seal coating, and line striping.

Our paving experts take each paving project with care. Call us for more information about our asphalt and paving services in East Orange and the surrounding areas.

Blacktop New Jersey has years of experience in paving and asphalt maintenance across East Orange

We are devoted to providing high-quality work, affordable prices, and use only premium products to prolong the lifespan of your driveway. When it comes to professional paving services, we are the first pick of businesses and homes in New Jersey.


Blacktop New Jersey is most reliable and trusted commercial and residential paving maintenance company. The excellent reputation we have was earned through our years of offering the best paving solutions to various property owners in East Orange, New Jersey.


Our local team of paving experts underwent rigorous training to perform the best paving practices that will maximize the lifespan of your asphalt paving job or driveway paving. The people behind Blacktop New Jersey are all professionals who can answer your questions like, “is asphalt for driveway better than concrete or what it costs to pave driveway?”

Blacktopping A Driveway In East Orange

Blacktop New Jersey offers various services including asphalt repair, seal coating, and line striping. But, we specialize in blacktop paving driveways and parking lots. Our asphalt paving solutions for residential and commercial customers are not only durable but will also increase the curb appeal of the property.


We have set a high standard for all our crews to achieve excellent service and precision paving. With our combined experience to deliver quality paving and the professionalism of our paving team, you can be rest assured that your money is well spent and the project is finished on time.


Our expert service for East Orange asphalt paving will resolve common issues that emerged over time:


  • Linear cracks. Roads and driveways are susceptible to linear cracks. These cracks divide the driveway into pieces. This leads to the erosion of the base that could eventually disintegrate if not properly sealed. Our expert paving team can repair this problem with crack sealing or full-depth patching.
Paving Blacktop New Jersey
Asphalt Blacktop New Jersey
  • Potholes. Fatigue cracking could result in potholes. If not fixed immediately, the extreme weather such as heavy rain will only worsen the problem. This type of distress can vary from minor abrasion to major potholes. Blacktop NJ knows the best patching techniques that will resolve these kinds of pavement issues.


  • Transverse cracking. The asphalt binder hardening and stress due to truck tires cause small and large transverse cracking. Immediate sealing of the cracks will prevent the moisture from getting through and further the damage. Blacktop NJ could either apply an asphalt sealer or remove and replace the cracks with an overlay.


  • Corner breaks. Concrete and asphalt pavements could develop cracks. Corner breaks happen due to continued traffic overloading and can be repaired by our full-depth patch service. 


Do you need more details about our asphalt sealing services before hiring our team? Get in touch with us and one of the Blacktop NJ staff will provide all the essential information you might need.

The Best East Orange Asphalt Repair

As the paving contractors that will appear whenever you are looking for a “paving company near me,” we know you expect nothing less than quality from the best. Our commercial and residential asphalt repair has delivered satisfactory paving jobs for many customers in the East Orange area. Our qualified team treats each asphalt repair project like it was our own property. 

Seal Coating In East Orange, New Jersey


We are the New Jersey paving company you can rely on for a seal coating job. We will exceed your expectations, and whatever you need, our team will take care of them for a reasonable cost. Though seal coating is primarily done for maintenance, professionals who know how to detect defects, blemishes, or cracks lingering under the surface should handle it.


Since we are an established paving company, we take pride in customized services and the close attention we give to all our customers. Protect your property by trusting Blacktop NJ. If you want quality seal coating that has layers of protection and a smooth parking or driving surface, call us.


The East Orange Line Striping Solution You Need


Aside from driveway and parking lot paving services, Blacktop New Jersey also offers a quality line striping service for asphalt and concrete surfaces. Line striping is crucial for keeping the parking lot and neighborhoods safe. It helps maximize parking space, reduces the risk of collisions, accommodates more guests, allows pedestrians to cross the road safely, and more. When in need of superior line striping service, give us a call.

Market and Industries We Serve in East Orange, New Jersey

Homeowner Association

One of the most important aspects to make the homeowners happy is to maintain the overall appearance of the community. A well-maintained driveway and parking lot creates a safe environment for all the residents. We have been helping communities in East Orange, New Jersey in the maintenance and repair of communal pathways, streets, driveways, and parking areas.


The deteriorating physical condition of school premises poses a negative impact on learning and playground time. We offers services that include parking evaluation, preventive maintenance, pavement management planning, asphalt repair, and more.

Business or commercial properties

The exterior appearance of the business establishment leaves a long-lasting impression on customers. It is extremely important to have the parking spaces, pathways, and driveways routinely maintained for customers to keep coming back. We provides proper upkeep and cost-effective solutions to improve the appearance of the establishment.

Hospitals and clinics

To provide the best possible care for patients, hospitals and clinics should be easily accessible and properly maintained. The maintenance or repair of the parking lots and driveways will maximize the safety of patients and visitors. Since, we have been in the paving industry for several years, our expert paving team has developed tried, and tested maintenance and repair for medical parking areas.

Hotels and roadside motor hotels

Just like restaurants and other business establishments, hotel facilities should provide a comfortable and safe environment for all guests. Hotels and restaurants are some of the most traveled areas, causing seal coat asphalt and blacktop for driveway to crack and wear out. The right paving company in East Orange is critical for fixing any issues and enhancing the overall appearance and experience of the area.

East Orange Paving and Asphalt Contractors

Our team of paving experts and professionals can do high-quality services from asphalt maintenance to seal coating and line striping. We use the best and most recommended products for asphalt crack filler, blacktop sealing, driveway sealing, asphalt for roads, and asphalt driveway repair.   

Work with a top-rated asphalt paving company in New Jersey. Give Blacktop New Jersey a call today!